I wish this teacher was around 9 years ago

I wish that this teacher was around when I was 14, because I woulda Loved it…
Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity… OH YEA

JUNE 28–Meet Debra Lafave. The 23-year-old Florida teacher is facing a host of felony charges for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old male student. According to investigators, Lafave met the boy at Greco Middle School–where she taught reading–and had sex with him in her classroom, Isuzu SUV, and Tampa-area home. A probable cause affidavit prepared by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office details Lafave’s alleged involvement with the boy, who was interviewed by cops (as was his cousin, who was present for two of the auto encounters). According to the affidavit–portions of which were redacted by investigators–Lafave told the boy that she was “turned on by the fact that having sexual relations with him was not allowed.” Since the incidents occurred in different jurisdictions, Lafave has been named in two separate criminal complaints. As such, she has posed for two booking photos: the below left mug shot was snapped at the Marion County lockup, while the picture at right was taken by Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies.


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word…but she is f-ed in the head

Damn English teachers…

Almost all of the English teachers at Lancaster were young and slutty. They probably got more ass than the teen girls. Well, it was Lancaster so probably not. :bloated:

“hot for teacher”


id be pissed if i was 14 and banging my teacher, and then she wound up arrested for it …

id be banding on the police station counter screamin “gimme back my fuck toy damnit !”

Yea me 2… I’d be like…
I’ve got some hawt 23 year old woman who wants to sleep with me… Can’t you leave well enough alone… She’s not raping me… I WANT HER!!! I WANT TO SLEEP WITH HER!!!.. Can you at least give her house arrest…
At my house?

male teacher on female student … fiiiine … arrest the teacher

female on male … give the kid condoms and pat him on the back

the kid’s the reason she got arrested! dumb fucker was telling people about it!

Why do you wish she was around 9 years ago? Did you need something to help you puke?

id prolly have a hard time keepin my mouth shut too

"look at my test … i got an A and i didnt even fill in any answers …


wasnt this from a few yeats ago?

that’s insane. what a fucked up lady, and a little kid getting some at 14…haha what is this world c u m i n g to?