That teacher that had sex with the kid?

Uh, I just saw like video of her on CNN

She’s actually pretty hot

Her body is pretty hot

I’d hit that bi-polar shit if I was in 6th grade


yup , id hit it .

that was that kids biggest mistake…

turning her in. what a douche bag!

i would hit it 2 times and once in the morning

yeah id hit that

It would be cool to run a train on her during recess.

Remember these pics of her when it first gained attention:

yeeehaaa! i’d give her the best 30 seconds of her life…

:tup: to her being hot. I was shocked to see that.

yeah i bet that kid’s so traumatized

It’s ALWAYS the English teachers. In high school they were all young and flirty with the kids. The male and female teachers…

I knew for a fact one of my female English teachers was banging a kid.

Thats a fantasy right there.

Man, she’s gorgeous. Good for that kid.

I’d hit that bi-polar shit anyways…

i wish i was that lucky in 6th grade

Seriously, the kid got laid by his cute blonde teacher. This should never be news in a bad way. We all had one we wanted to tag back in the day, but if they keep making it out to be a bad thing, it just hurts future generations chances of gettin some :lol:

the kids gonna grow up braggin about this in like 4 years… i know i would…

ya the kid didnt want to testify because for the rest of his life everyone would be calling him a dumbass for turning in the best thing he had going for him.

i jus heard on the radio that she got off and they dropped charges…she is hot

heh… she got off…