IC: 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)

Make/Model: 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86
Condition: Used
Mileage: 213,XXXKM
Description: Hey everyone, i just wanted to check and see what the general response was to this, I picked it up couple days ago! Im not sure i wanna sell it yet so this is just for fun really! so just tell me what you guys think its worth.

Its a 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S coupe, 5spd, RWD, DOHC, T-VIS, 214,xxx KM
body has been re-done, ZERO under-rust (krown rust proofing) CD/MP3 with 12"sub. Interior is absolute MINT, Dash has no cracks and is not faded! engine bay is clean clean clean! Comes with a set of clean! MKII supra rims, and also a set of original GT-S rims but they are in kinda rough shape. Exhaust has been redone all new from the Front pipe back!

Here are some pics:





(sorry thats the best i can do for now, more pics tommorow)

so there she is tell me what you think!! how much would you pay??

really interested. can you post more pics of the underbody??

this MOFO is MINT !@!#@!

price ?

how much without the sub?

ill pay you what u paid for it

dump the blue top…


What kind of price range u expecting on the car?

what is that black undercoating stuff there? name?

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I got a good idea i think of the cars worth now, but im sorry im not planning on selling it just yet! maybe in the near future, well maybe not soo near! ive had a chance to take it out and drive it and it drives like a dream! cant wait for the snow!!! lol just kidding! actually no im not!! anyways thanks again for all the kind words about the car.

Read as: I just wanted to come on here and show off my AE86 so I could get praise for it, with no intention of selling it.

Please…please don’t drive that in the winter. Sell it for an inflated price, to someone that will treat it right, and buy a neon to drive in the winter.


dont waste peoples time if you have no intention of selling.