Identify This Kit

hey guys, i was reading on nicoclub but they still didnt have the answer. wanted to know what company makes the little skirt under the rear light markers ?

Fender flares look badass too. diggin the look

look up can you name this body kit i`m pretty sure someone posted this pic and was wondering what the kit was and someone identified it

Shit is SEX!

JDMRICE 1. that car got totalled years ago. sux.

i wouldn’t rock those flares…maaaaybe if they were black instead of body colour but meh…

Looks hot, but I would never rock flares. They look kinda fruity.

It needs something more aggresive … like 50mm overfenders in the rear mmmmm:)

the rear valence looks like a mix between s14 and s13 jdm status.