im a n00b

hello all… a lot of you know me, some dont.

im sam

i drive a 97 eclipse gsx and a 99 scooby 2.5rs

matt and howie will try to tell you i am morbidly obese. however, i am just MILDLY obese. dont let them fool you. they are in fact fatter than most, including myself.

anyways, kudos to all those involved in this sites creation. i think the powers that be here will do a great job :slight_smile:

Don’t lie fat-ass… WELCOME!!

damn noobs :rolleyes:


its a lie, i have seen him with my own eyes. he is an easy 350lbs

im actually 365lbs.

and im 5’2"

oh shit, who am i kidding, people roll me around everywhere i go. my fat actually has engulfed my elbows and knees… :lol:

Didn’t you lose the remote in one of your rolls of fat too? “I gotta change the channel, where is the remote? Fuck it, I can watch Martha Stewart’s Home Living…”

I felt better about myself when I met sam.

hahaha this is the best intro thread ever!

Sweet do you like to ski, ride bikes, or camp? If you do will you go out with me on a date? :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess you are never gonna get rid of that nickname :frowning:

welcome import warrior :smiley:

what up sam…it’s about damn time u got on here…:stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhh, he was here before you , postwhore…


welcome, dude! lol


whats up Sammy… you’re not fat, just plump.

and big boned…


pleasantly plump? :slight_smile:

Hey fatty fat fatso!