I think I already know a lot of you from wnydsm, autox, and over at Hybrid and Innovative. For those who I don’t my name is Sam and I used to drive the gray evo that has become a decoration in the lot of Hybrid for the last month+. Good work on this site. Hopefully it won’t turn into anything like ubrf. Don’t ban me for saying that.

what up sam :wave:…nice to see you came across the site…:slight_smile:

Word… Nice to have you hear Sam… My car has been there longer!! Heheheh

hi~ hellow there…

lol…you got one good point over there, lol

hey Sam

Wats up sam

welcome aboard n00b :smiley:

I encourage all of you to get to know EvoMR Sam (not the ‘other’ Sam). He’s probably one of the nicest guys I have met this year…

^^^word…deff a hell of a guy :tup:

sam you need to hang out with me a little more. we’ll get them to stop calling you nice.

He’ll start smoking if he does that… But he will probably be able to tune his own car after some significant time under the table, I mean under your wing… :wink:

hi sam, you break it, i fix it:)

heard some good things about you and your automobiles :tup:


whatsup sam, its jay from circuit city

holla broseph

i dont know you, but hello

hey hey Sam…auto-x novice champ :wink:

dont know ya but holla

whats up Sam, welcome aboard. We have to do lunch again soon.

whats up man… followed you to hybrid today, wanted to run right behind ya on the ramps but was headed out to get my broken suspension looked at :slight_smile: