I'm new here

So yeah, I was sinister626, but i sold the 626 almost 3 years ago so I like this name better, real name is Brian, from cheektovegas, I have the 2003 civic Si minivan and it is supa fast in the world of four cylander minivans!

lol…yeaa…it’s supa fast! lol…

anywho…ur si black? with hid?

i’ve seen one in sheridan today…

welcome to the site =)

what up

Howdy :wave:

whatup brian

hello and welcome

WHAT UP BRI…:wave:…nice to see ya joined

hey whats going on

welcome :wave:

i started nto hear everything that was going on, and If howie goes, then I go, hes the only one that loves my car.

well he said he did awhile ago but i think he was just bumming a ride:p

whats up brian