Interesting T-bird v. 1949 front/rear

Saw this outside of hamilton ON last weekend and had to stop to get some pics. I love the way the front looks, but the side view is just disgusting. T-bird weren’t meant to have such rounded features.

it’s still great work though, even up close. Very clean and taken care of. IIRC he was asking $13k

Those have been around for a while actually. I think they are ugly as sin.
I think there is a green one in WNY still.

Looks like that one is in good shape. Not sure if he will get $13k for it.

the wheels kill it, the front wheel isnt centered in its arch

the front view looks awesome but the proportions are just wrong everywhere else.


that’s the reason I don’t like it. I love that front tho. Is this a kit that is sold somewhere?

yes … and i have no idea why they actualy sell … god they are ugly