iPaq & Bluetooth > Me

So, couple years ago teh Mrs. bought me this iPaq 1945 (Fa163a) for my berfdah. I’ve used it sparsly at best.

I use it for Excel spreadsheets, couple of simple games, contacts, & calender.

Was bored today, so I took a deeper look at it. It’s not half bad for pictures, music & video. But, not the fastest (lol) anyway to upgrade this thing?

The Bluetooth on it is weak, at best, but that could be because my desktop (Bluetooth USB key) is in the basement of the house… or becuase I know jackshit about bluetooth.

Sooo, help with:
Upgradable processing / mem?
Bluetooth 101?
Tapping it into the network @ work here (without being attacked by IT)?


Teh noob

bluetooth only travles like 15 ft at best i think

Ya, I was under the impression of 30’. Which would cover my ‘usual’ range from the pc room to my living room. Buuuut that doesnt help me at work.

Anyway to get this thing on to standard old wireless?

if you have an intergrated wifi card on the unit you can, if not you will have to lookinto expansion cardz. if your work is running a unsecure wireless with dhcp you should be able to get on no problem.

Bluetooth is a short distance transfer protocoll, it’s not meant for whole house access, unless you get a crazy bluetooth card for your comptuer… you can always get a sandisk, or other brand Wifi card for it, and use wifi w/ it.
In terms of upgrading it… Nope… just like a laptop when it comes to that kind of thing… you can upgrade memory by tossing chips into it… but that’s it.

uhh… bluetooth has 3 different levels

class 3 is what is standard on most cell phones and stuff for maximum battery life.

~5 meters (but i have gotten a lot more)

class 2 is a little more

~10 meters

class 1 is the grand daddy

~100 meters

I have a USB thingy that is class 1

yeah class 1 is the bestist