Is Rhys Millen the next Ken Block?

I can’t stand Hyundai but this is another entertaining video. Unfortunately it means that every tweentard in this country is going to have Rhys Millen shirts within the next year.


Isn’t it the other way around since Rhys is an actual rally driver/has been around longer?

i think he means internet viral video superstar


last I checked, block is a rally driver as well…maybe not as good and long standing, though

I thought rhys was a drift pro, though?

oh and one last thing… Badass stunts in a RWD > Badass stunts in an AWD

I think in some ways, being so campy and over the top, Rhys is poking a bit of fun at Ken. Probably why I enjoyed it so much. Though I still love his Hill Climb video from S. America more.

I just don’t like Ken Block and the sub culture of total douche bags he created. I respect Rhys much more, as a driver.

Isn’t Rhys Steve’s brother (who has been racing imports since the late 80’s)?


watched video… over-edited… no actual driving. using those same effects i could have done everything Rhys did in that video.

In for proof.

Do it, you won’t.

All of the little kids in the US and Canada would be wearing Bing shirts if you did.


Seeing Bing drive before, he may be able to pull it off. Just make sure he doesn’t neutral coast into any foam barriers lol.