ISIS Pro 5 Lug /// ISIS V3 SR20 Manifold - Schedule 40

Couple new items i finally decided to take some images of.

Firstly, ISIS has released a new PRO series for the S13 5 lug hubs. The rears require being pressed into an OEM bearing but the fronts are a nice new proposition… direct bolt-on, thicker flanges, extended studs built in and an upgraded bearing…

I’m doing them for $220 shipped right now.

$160 shipped for rears… Im not stocking the pro rear hubs though because you need to press them into an OEM bearing so the value isnt quite there. i can still supply if you like.

ISIS has also released a newer version of the SR20 bottom mount manifold, now in Schedule 40 stainless steel.

some actual images… this one is going on my car:

$400 for these…

just checked my costs again and lowered the manifold to $400 from $450… i cant remember if i got special pricing on the first couple or not so that is subject to change again.