ITRADER section **FIXED BRO!!!!**


Hey guys, just wanted to make a post to gain some information on the itrader section.

I would like to know when the old itrader information and ratings will be transferred to this new forum.

Being the first person to ever sell parts full time on this forum, i can guarantee it is by far the most important tool for any vendor, more so then a banner, or any sort of graphical advertising

Any information on this topic is appreciated,

Thanks for your time.



See this thread for some details:

The short of it is that the ratings from vB 3.x do not work on vB 4.x and until there is a painless way to make the two formats jive, we’re stuck.


I can admit that after a couple of attempts I became nervous of causing bigger issues to the board and that deflated me. I stopped trying. Having a vendor tell us that it is what matters most to them makes me want to give it a few more attempts. I will search around for any new information on this subject and see what If anything I can do. I can not make any promises but I will reopen this issue.


Thanks guys, any help is appreciated…

MY itrader is the equivalent of 8 years of 100% positive ebay feedback, you can imagine what that does when a buyer sees that. Not just for me, a lot of guys have a
really solid history and i feel its worth the effort to make it known.



I concur, I was probably on the top 10 list of feedback with the old forum.

I think this issue should be looked into promptly especially for vendors who rely on this tool as well as fees we pay for being on the board.

This helps us gain trust from new members who want to order product from us, especially with online businesses we depend on our reputation.

Thanks for looking into the issue!


hey guys , any progress on this issue?


A little, nothing that you guys can see yet. The priority is getting the number back but the comments might be missing.


Anything helps at this point, thanks very much for the updates !


Is it really that hard to fix it - common guys, six months is not enough time?

Little holiday gift perhaps?

Merry Christmas!


yes it is that hard. There is no VB app to do this. The data is saved so when there is an app we will integrate it but Mike cannot build a code that brings over all the information, comments and relationships.

my understanding is that it has to do with the 3.0 to 4.0 transition. Apparently there is demand for such an app but nothing available yet.


why not have a section just for feed back in the mean time ?

i have been on a few different forums and they have a feed back section .

for example , say i buy a part from you ill go to this section see if i see your name if not create a new thread with your name as the title, then post my feed back, this can also be a big help for those wanting to know if there were or are any issues previous. this way maybe you could cut and paste previous info from the previous forum till you guys figure out the issues with the itrader.

just an idea. it works for other forums so i dont see for the time being why it wont work here.

cheers, Brandon.


can this be done finally?


we did just do a variety of updates to the board and will be doing another round.

this is something i have asked for but it remains to be seen whether it can be done.

we’re going to integrate another 1M+ post forum and this will be re-investigated at that time.


Alright, for the top iTrader guys let me know if this looks ABOUT right to you. If yes, we’ll be implementing this fix ASAP:

(No, you can’t view this iTrader info right now as this is image is from a testing server)


Thanks guys, it looks about right,
although I was sure that in total I should now have more than 125 at 100% positive ratings but hey its better late than never.

It is also a great opportunity to say Thanks to all of you for all the support.
Trading parts allow me to meet many of you guys/girls and I can say that Nissan enthusiasts are awesome people.


oh, and
shouldn’t I be getting a Gold Star or zsumtin? lol


That number is the old number plus current number up to about a month ago. It might not include recent reviews depending on when they were made.

No problem, this has been a long time coming. And we hope implement more things to help you guys.

Speaking of, if you haven’t already, try to make a post in the Net-Wide parts trader (or wheels & tires) and you’ll notice we’ve added some mandatory fields to each thread so that basic info can be found in a standard place. I’ve enabled this for all of the US classifieds sections but we haven’t yet done this for SON.


Bump for Varun?


thread started in June of 2010… issue pending resolution in December of 2013 :slight_smile:

who says we dont get things done around here?


thanks so much, cant wait !


This will be fixed by tomorrow :tup: