its hot here!!!!

Well im over here in Qatar for a couple days and its f’n hot. Its around 115-135 degrees and hottier out on the ramp. But im bore cause im sitting on alert and it sux. but I just wanted to say hey to everyone!!

wow 135!. Must be very uncomfortable.

damn…and here i am complaining about it being in the 90’s

Wow thats hot i like hot weather but damn 135 is too hot.

Go to the Mall …the Mall there has a ice slide in it


Yo if your coming through Balad on your nice little vacation give me a shout at maybe we can hook up.

but its a dry heat… (worse comment ever)


The crash you see in these photos happened sometime during the morning of July 15th, somewhere in Qatar. By looking at what was left of the Mercedes SLR, we can tell that the car was traveling at very high speeds. And, as you’d expect, the 22 year old driver instantly died. We don’t have any other details so far, so we don’t know if the driver lost control of the car or it had some mechanical problems. All we know is that this accident really is terrifying…
nh4442 launched a RPG at it

135? Holy shit…that’s hot.

shut up dick!!!:greddy2:

how much to ship those wheels back?

Hello from Atlanta. Not quite that hot here.

That SLR is f’d up.

Holy crap. 1. thats hot, 2. That drivers cockpit held up amazingly! I bet if he had a helmet on he could almost walk away.

Damn that’s crazy

kuwait isnt much better right now… and baghdad was dusty as ever when i left

Wow, that’s hot as balls, but cool that you get to experience that part of the world on the company dime. Can you get out into society at all, or are you restricted to base the entire time?

Experiencing this part of the world isn’t all that exciting, there is a reason they call it the sandbox. Although Nick probably gets to go to Doha which is supposed to be really nice.

Nope, we are either flying or on crew rest, no days off to go into town. Plus Ramadon is comign up and I aint leaving this base to get my head chopped off!!!