Hot weather + me mowing the lawn = overheating me

Holy crap, kill me

it’s stupid hot outside

i think i lost like 10 lbs


lol you did not…

I’m going swimming now with JDMR2 ha. Call me If ya want…:naughty:

Dood you don’t want me in the pool… there will be no water left when me and food get in there

friends with pools and hot sisters > **

yea…i am actually kinda glad i’m working right now…it’s damn cold in here…

I actually thought it was about 80 until somebody in my class tonight said it was 94. I actually drove to class without my a/c on.

try wiping off someones rims in this heat, after they have been driving around all day, and they have their a/c on…

yea its hot as hell at work in the garage…ugh fans aren’t enough

That’s okay. Niagara Falls Delta had their fire supression system go off sunday and today. Very cute.

I was in my garage all day… YAY.

ugh. :bloated:

try working in my job its liek 120 in there and we gotta wear pants and boots

I’m a Character, so I know what you mean. 91 outside, and I wear a fur suit, and not just that but a cotton pad under it and a head.

skrappars pool = teh rock in this heat

pool + ice cold blue while swimming = best heat wave beater ever

howie i will trade with you buddy, ill come mow your lawn and you come on down and do my job. kthx :smiley:

serisouly though, after experiencing the weather here in iraq, you will never hear me complain about buffalo heat ever again lol

I just put a beer in the cup holder on the rider and cruise around the lawn. Nice and refreshing. lol

same here