JOB: Driver - $28k / yr.

DRIVER: FT, 12 hr days, 4 hrs. driving, $28K, 631-0600 for Appointment

I work at a pretty strange company, where communication isn’t the best, so I’m not 100% certain what the job entails, but here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

7am - Drive workers to Syracuse
9am - Arrive in Syracuse

9am-5pm - Do whatever you want

5pm - Driver workers to Buffalo
7pm - Arrive in Buffalo

That’s the plan.

What do you need to get the job? The ability to wake up and be ON TIME. A clean driving record. The ability to be away from home all day. Some flexibility when the people aren’t ready to come home at 5pm (just my guess, it’ll happen often). I’m sure the 2-hour drive will get longer as winter weather comes into play. Killing 8+ hours alone in a city away from home may prove to be a nice experiment in solitary confinement.

You can ask questions here, but I doubt I’ll be able to shed much more light on the job.


I would do it if the word Stunt was in front of driver. Or it was some cool ass “transporter” job. on in which i needed a gun.

damnit…clean driving record?? count me out.

28k a year to drive 4 hours a day, and not have to think?

thats fucking amazing

But you’re stuck in Syracuse for 8 ADDITIONAL hours during the day, with nothing to do.

is this in a company car?

8 hours could be spent at another job in syracuse… the drive to and from syracuse would be your ride home, but getting paid to do it.

And ideas liek that are why I make more than 18k a year… driving 12.5 miles to work.

wow, $18k/yr, you baller.

uh, drink beer… duh

or get a job delivering papers
walking dogs


that’s pretty bad ass. how clean is “clean” though?

do you need a regualr liscene… my sister would be perfect for this job.

i meant to type 118k

killing time for 8 hours in syracuse = spending $$$

this would be a decent job if there was something setup for you to do in cuse. drinking beer for 8 hours and then driving people back to buff might not be such a SMRT idead.


you dont know what you’re talking about.

go drink for 8 hours, and then see if you think its a good or bad idea. 5 dollars says you think its fine

soooo you work here then?


I think driving the people back after 8 hours of drinking will be the funniest and most logical thing that you could possibly think of.

Get another job… it is just a 2 hour commute… nothing people in LA don’t already do

but those 2 hours are spent driving 4 miles…lol