Joe Rogan Thread

He seems stuck in 1776 mode, but I’m going to try to watch as well. I’m glad Rogan is gaining even more traction, he’s been deep for many years and his comedy is killer.

fuckin Alex Jones has his tentacles in me… i’m going to bow out shortly but i gotta get back in to this…

who is this guy? i thought he was a total wacko but dude makes sense when he breathes a bit.

Alex gets too amped up and this was perfect because Joe calms him down enough that he can get his point across.

Rogan gets like 30+ million views per month. That’s more than CNN, Fox news, MSNBC etc… Combined.

Joe Roan is tough for me to watch. I really want to believe a lot of the stuff that’s being said, but they talk about so much it’s tough to fact check.

I’m watching the pizza gate episode now with Alex jones. I’ve been vaguely following it online and there are a lot of links made that are ridiculous. But then they point out that HUGE groups are being arrested across the country, which is true-- makes it hard to pass pizza gate off as conspiracy.

The one with Rollin’s on it was solid.

alright this alex jones thing went way off the rails now… dude is out to lunch.

Yeahhhh. He lost me on his “we have military bases on the other side of the moon” shit.

Why, have you been there? :smiley:

he’s got some good shit but then he barks off about the most ridiculous shit i’ve ever heard and you’re left like…“whoa, was that 1 guy who said both of those things in 14 seconds?”

The purest Jekyll and Hyde i’ve ever seen

Joe is coming to Buffalo in April!



is he doing standup?

because he mentioned this week he has about 40 minutes he is touring.

April 7 at Shea’s.

this is an incredible podcast. sometimes i cant get in to Sam Harris but it makes you a more patient listener letting him really get his points out. And this Maajid dude is really cool and appears to be extremely knowledgable on subject matter that you just cannot get good information about anywhere else.

It’s also impressive how Joe Rogan can not just facilitate but also participate and contribute to a conversation as elevated as this one.


Moving everything to Spotify exclusively.

may have to get spotify now because of this, even though i dont really listen to many of his podcasts anymore… just depends on the guest really.