Jordan Peterson Thread

We were talking about this dude at Picassos the other day and i’d like to start a thread with some of his content. I just bought his book too. first book i have ever bought really.

This recent snapshot of a BBC 5 interview sums up why i think this guy is amazing. This is not the Cathy Newman BBC 4 interview, i’ll link that below.

His wiki is here, it is an impressive resume:

the meme-worthy Cathy Newman BBC 4 Interview is this one. This is noteworthy media:

Good stuff!

Canada’s biggest treasure, next to maple syrup that is.

we could also change the thread title to the ‘truth-bomb thread’

I find Ben Shapiro’s style to be difficult to like, i didnt like him at all at first… but you cannot deny his intelligence and i’ve decided to value intelligence above style. As a result, this is really a heavyweight battle of a conversation

Great article applying Peterson’s new book to the Parkland Shooting. I couldn’t finish the article because I’m only half way through the book :slight_smile:

i’m just over half way through this and it’s amazing.

My favourite part about all of this is where he says that these activists are projecting noble pursuits either because they cannot solve issues in their own private lives (family in-fighting, quality relationships) or that at least they should make sure they sort these things out before suggesting they know how to fix the worlds ills.

Then he moves into how the people we should be looking to for political leadership are those that have demonstrated competence in a variety of fields such as interpersonal, professional etc.

My goodness this guys is spitting some of the hottest fire of any man alive today.

Cathy Newman blatantly not listening to him and saying the same thing over again makes my head hurt.

The lengths people will go to to try and stop him speaking are unreal:

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“Lock 'Em In and Burn It Down”

At about 5:15 p.m. a woman, who isn’t a Queen’s student, stood on one of the building’s window ledges. Police said in their news release that she then started to bang on the window causing it break. The woman cut her hand, but fled the scene. She was stopped by officers dressed in plain clothing at University Avenue and Stuart Street.

When the officers identified themselves the woman started to yell and resisted arrest by trying to pull away, police said. Once handcuffed the woman became violent and started kicking one officer. Additional officers responded to take the woman to police headquarters, but on the way there she tried to kick out the cruiser’s window.

Once at police headquarters the woman refused to walk on her own and continued to be uncooperative. Police said that she bit one of the officers and had to be physically carried into her cell as she continued to be violent.

Police searched her backpack and inside they found a weapon inside. Commonly known as a garrote, the weapon consists of metal wire with handles on each end.

A 38-year-old local woman has been charged by police with mischief, assaulting police, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose, and for carrying a concealed weapon. She was held in police custody to attend a bail court.

i dont get that last one, how is the image on the left related to the one in the right?

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Kanye West just freestyled a new song to TMZ and there is a Jordan B Peterson video tab open on the computer in front of him


@bing this is awesome:

Oh nice, were you at the Munk Debate?

No i saw him in Denver with one of my best friends from highschool and then i also saw him last night in toronto. I brought my local pastor with me to the VIP meet and greet… I’m remain an atheist too which makes it all the more interesting.

will be taking my mom to the next event i can get to.

did you watch the munk debate?

This guy is becoming even more of a hero. i almost stood up and gave him another standing ovation after watching his tax comments at the Munk Debate… he’s incredible.

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