Jordan Peterson Thread


I did, I loved how Dyson just fell right into his race trap. It was quite sad how little the “Pro” side actually spoke to the topic.


yes, I hadnt seen the Munk Debate prior to seeing Jordan last night. Jordan shared a comment that his wife made about their current state is that Jordan is forcing a conversation that is causing people to reveal their hands and surprisingly so.

that couldnt be more true about the Munk Debates.


I must be a mean white man as well, apparently.




omg… this guy sits there and doodles for an hour while CRUSHING IT…

great commentary on female aggression around 44:00 minute mark


Since it’s nice and easy to post photos off a phone I actually got to shoot the shot a bit with Dave Rubin at the JBP event too.

Pretty cool. I spend a fair bit of time watching this guy’s interview show as well and wasn’t expecting them to just be standing in the lobby of the show chatting people up afterward.


This commentary by JP is mind blowing a true life saver


that came up in my YT feed the other day. it’s good advice.


Maybe I don’t watch all of Jordan’s stuff, but the whole trans bill he doesn’t want to comply with was such a small part of his whole world and was a tool for him to get into the spot light.

Claiming he is a misogynist, he keeps people in the dark and he thinks he is going to be the savior of mankind are all amazingly ridiculous if you actually listen to what he says.


it’s the same play-book being used against other extremely effective people like the US President.

less effective, less successful (read: jealous) people need to recast these better people in a negative light to prevent their peers from becoming enamored with effectiveness rather than activism.


For you WNYers JBP will be speaking September 5th in Roch.

He will be down here in October and I am definitely grabbing tickets!


I never go to this type of thing, but man Jordan is very interesting to listen to. Ill have to see whats going on that day


Man I’d love to go, but general admission aren’t showing up and VIP meet/greet are $200 a pop lol.


Yea. I was wondering if its just too early.


I’d go to this in Buffalo. Would even do the VIP again since I couldn’t stay the whole time last time I did that.



NYT and NPR have both gone full retard.


This Eric Weinstein guy is the first man that i have seen genuinely out-shine Peterson in person. I actually prefer Weinstein’s resume to Peterson’s and the guy is clearly not in to taking any shit. He is literally naming names throughout this talk and making a point to do that when Peterson doesn’t.

glad to see that the movement is collecting more people who are such caliber.


Might have to change this thread title to the “Intellectual Dark Web Thread”


Going to see JBP tomorrow in Rochester, anyone else??