Joe Rogan Thread


any of you guys follow rogan’s podcast?

it’s by go-to for passive entertainment now that Chris Harris’s automotive content is on a trickle.

The most recent one that got me going is the podcast with Jordan Peterson, the UofToronto professor who was vilified for not accepting the multitude of compelled gender pronouns… Based on the news about it he seemed at fault… but after listening to his podcast and reading his wikipedia page… the guy is probably the a literal ‘moral authority’ and perhaps every bit a qualified person to challenge what he is challenging.

Russel Brand’s podcast was also pretty awesome which is surprising because i was never a Russel Brand fan.

The Dan Bilzerian and Kevin Smith pod casts were meh… disappointing given the guest.

In general though, Joe Rogan is killing it. The content he is putting out is impressive and the fact that he is such a pot-head, meat-head archetype makes it all the more imteresting.

midway through the Jordan Peterson podcast he talks about his numbers… 60,000,000 podcast downloads and 12,000,000 video views in the month of November… crazy

Joe is awesome. Who would have thought that guy could gain so much wisdom?

the body of work this guy is amassing is so varied and apparently contradictory but the more it is so, the more wicked he is.

:worf: Russel Brand SUCKS!!! He is about the most annoying human being next to Kim Kardashian

yeah i cant handle a lot of his stuff at all.

but watch it… it’s good.

Joe’s a pretty intelligent and well spoken guy. Most people don’t realize it, because they only know him as the guy who hosted a game show where contestants were forced to eat cow testicles.

This is what keeps me from really trying to hear him out more than I do. That and he’s a huge pro-(recreational)drug guy and I am not hearing someone drone on about getting stoned drives me insane.

He doesn’t really drone on about it. When Les Stroud was on they both seemed baked pretty good though. lol

yeah he gets right lit during interviews and still holds his own with some pretty scholarly dudes.

i’ll readily admit that some of his thoughts are way off base but i dont think you could or would even want to limit yourself to only hearing out people who feel exactly as you do about everything.

his commentary on basic income i think are way off but whatever…

I’ve never done drugs and have chose not to drink for 12 years. Being the only sober person in a room listening to people who think they’re enlightened all the while they’re shitfaced will give you a different perspective after a while. Meh…

leah remini, bill burr, alex jones, gary vaynerchuk all this week… it’s like Sweeps or some shit

You forgot Henry Rollins!!! HOW DARE YOU?!?

you are right… sorry. i havent watched them all yet. bill burr now.

i tried watching the whole leah remini one… there was some sexual tension in there i couldnt handle because she’s too old and not hot enough.


Most epic podcast yet. almost 4 hrs long get on it.

^^^ Im saving that for a night my wife goes to bed early. Also, not sure how much Alex Jones i could actually handle.

seen his comedy act twice in austin and once in california. He absolutely kills.

I used to listen to the podcast when i had a boring clerical job, but haven’t had time to listen since i moved down to texas. Will listen to the alex jones show this evening at home.

Gar Vaynerchuk podcast is awesome… carpet roll dicks brah

I thought the same. Gary V’s shit is all the same these days though, podcast wasn’t all that. Leah was regurgitating content from her show with the exception of digging for compliments from Joe and attempting to make him squirm (she failed miserably). Alex I just can’t bring myself to watch…how was it? LOL

im going to try and watch alex jones but i dont expect to get very far