Junk yard to take empty shell?

they wont touch it becouse the title is misplaced. they said to try auto city

Auto city said they would charge me 40$

any other segestions?

I just took a car to Twin City and they gave me $131 for my talon that was 2900lb’s. It had no drivetrain but i filled it up with a lot of scrap metal. All they wanted was the make and vin # to make sure it wasn’t stolen.

WHere is that?. I have a truck here and a dolly. but the steering colome is gone so its hard to move.

tow that bitch with the evo

if u have someone to help, just kick the wheels while theyre roling, they turn easily

Not funny. and I have to run to the gas station and get gas for it it ran out in the driveway yesterday. and all the gas cans here only have 89.

ok where is it I tryed to google it nothing came up.

On broadway in cheektowaga i believe

Twin Village Recycling
(716) 683-5373
4153 Broadway
Depew, NY 14043

this it?

sure is.

next question if I have to haul this thing my self anyone want to give a hand? Ill split anything I make with you.

I live in NT.

I called they said they would take it.

i would if i didnt have to leave for class in half-hour

if i had a car i would too.I could help tomorrow if you need it.I should get the escort on the road today

hey mamao.
I will be available after 3:30, if you need me to give you a hand.

call me if anything.

man I thought I saw enough of you. ya give me a call when your availible

lmao…fuCk jO’ maNg!

I’ll call you as soon as wife gets here. should be around 3-3:30
If anything we can always slap the steering wheel back on and tow it, somehow…lol

I’ll call you. its going to cost you though. $400 is what i charge. lol

ya right, I have the tow dolly and my dads Xterra so towing it isnt the problem its getting it on the dolly.

oh and if you want a fullsize spare bring a donut and Ill give you one of the tires :slight_smile:

that sucks… they’ve never charged me anything. havr had 4 or 5 parts cars towed

if that doesnt work out, go to junkmycar.com i had an old s13 shell that i had to get rid of and a guy from some towing place on broadway in buffalo came to pick it up like 3 days after i filled out the form online. ( i live near williamsville north hs) i didnt even have the title (and its required to get it towed) but i just was like … i didnt know you needed a title and he towed it anyway.