just anti-riced my car

got some new tail lights :stuck_out_tongue:

if you didnt know, the stock ones are hella altezza all over the place


looks good way better than the stock alteezas

oh snap…hotTtness…

holy hot batman

those lights >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> stock ones

I didn’t mind the Altezzas but wow, they actually do look better… :tup:

:word: to everything already said!

sweet, like em better that way, i always wondered why no one else swapped theirs, i guess since theyre EVO’s its cool.

Much better :tup:

300 times better :tup:

niiiice man, those look hott

that looks soo much better. i dont understand how mitsu cant see it that way.

Oh baby break me off a piece of that.

thanks for the compliments guys :beer:

now im thinking about debadging…
or pulling off just the mitsu diamond star
or pulling both off and putting on a red diamond badge



Better! :tup:


7 tails >>> 8 tails. Looks much better with the new lights. If you are going to debadge, I’d say lose it all… And how can you say you’re anti-riced, you have a big huge cf wing on your trunk. For shame.

Soooooooooooo much better. Very glad you got around to doing it sooner than later…

Anybody know if they make non-Altezza tails for an Altezza? Seriously…

looks awesome Adam :slight_smile:

awesome. thatd be the first mod i would do if i owned an evo