just checking in

Hey what’s up. I’m Rachel. I drive a 97 SC1. Just here to learn a little bit more about cars.

what up girl :wave: glad to see ya made it on here :slight_smile:

Hmm white Saturn?


not her

:wave: welcome

Ahh ok, I wanted to make peace


no its not the same 1 you dislike/make fun of

who’s got a white saturn and is disliked???

anyways…:wave: welcome aboard

Christ… everyone know about that?

Anyways, welcome to the board.

If you wanna learn, you gotta ask questions… remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid responses from stupid people.

welcome rachel.
start asking questions…


Skunk if you want teh story call me lata

welcome to the board


mmmmmmm more girls!

lol shaun :smiley:

welcome aboard but come to think of it, we need to get jess to join too :tup:

welcome :wave:

what’s a battle?

hollaR, and yea, we all started out ign-ant. Shit i still am :tspry:

OMG old post