Just T-boned a lamp pole> need a 2000 cherokee for parts, or misc. parts<pix up>

So driving this morning, a car cut me off and i slid into a lamp pole t-bone stile.

i need a parts jeep or spare parts

2 left side doors, and some parts behind the wheel
also windsheld is cracked

also a 16" alumnium wheel

let me know if ya have anything

and i will put pix up of the damage 2m

Try M&M U pull it. They have tons of cherokees in there.

EDIT: Glad you are okay, assuming that you are

I have 2- nice 15" aluminum wheels…

look something like these

im going to m and m in the morning

ya i have a set of 15 too thanks

If you are looking for a 16" 5-spoke wheel (the ones they used on Limiteds/Classics) I saw one that someone had put under the LF brake of a Cherokee in the back of M&M. It was a charcoal gray one, not sure if that’s what you are looking for or if it’s any good. I’ve got the silver ones on mine. If it’s a common color you should be able to get all the parts there. I replaced my doors, fender, hatch, and header plus all the trim, found it all in color there.

Oh, saw this on CL:


no charcol gray is what i need thanks for ur help ya m and m 2m morning

i think LKQ may have wht u need

LKQ only had one REALLY stripped white one and a blue one that was pretty stripped as well. I was there for the sale and wasn’t able to grab much for spares for mine.

To the OP: I was last there about a week and a half ago, and I saw that rim w/o a tire under the Jeep. Almost to the very back there’s a cluster of a bunch of them and I saw it there. Some idiot used it to drop the Jeep on. I’ve never seen any more of those there.

oh ok thanks for ur help and im about to take pix


M&M Door (Comes with everything dangling on it too) = $30

LKQ Door = $49.99 + 3.00 Core
LKQ Inside Door Handle = $5.99
LKQ Outside Door Handle = $9.99
LKQ Door Hinge = $5.99

Don’t forget the switches, mirror, trim panel, et cetera, et cetera…they nickle and dime you to death.


you are going to have to get that A-pillar pulled I bet… expect to pay atleast $400 to have a body shop pull and test fit the parts.

which one is the a-pillar

Just asking out of curiosity but if it was the other cars fault, why didn’t you go through insurance?

It seems like there might be fitment issues due to the damage, that’s going to be costly

you might not need to get it pulled. but probably. get the doors and fenders and put them on. youll be able to tell because the door wont come close to shutting right.

ya the guy that taped my front bumper drove off and i dont have full coverage

ya i got the door off and half the front fender off,

and every thing on the door is fine except the the shell, and the mirror

get full coverage you cheap ass…! Its cant be more than an extra $30 a month on 2000 cherokee… just sayin

nice nice. make sure you get hinges when you get the replacement door…

Those torx bolts that hold those doors on SUCK. Bring a sawzall if you have one. I ended up just cutting the lower hinge in half when I removed my junkyard doors, and removing what was left of it at home once I let it sit in PB for a while. Plus the angles you are working with aren’t the best. Different story if you need the hinges though. If you remove the fender of the Jeep you are taking the door from first, you can push the door open farther and that helps a bit. I destroyed at least one torx socket, Craftsman warranty FTW. Why they couldn’t use a regular hex bolt, I have no idea.

use an impact driver and bring spare bits


or ask them to take the doors and hinges off for you. might be worth the extra cost in this weather.