Ka-t parts, 300zx brakes

I got some parts i want to get rid of they are the following:

-Ka-t Manifold (t2) bings is what i was told when i bought it. Can be used top mount or bottom (Brand New)
-Monza Type 2 BOV (New)
-Sr20det SMIC Setup needs to be modified to work with ka-t comes with polished aluminum hot pipe and greddy flange
-rb20 turbo GREAT condition
-Sr20det stock downpipe

all for 400$
All that is needed to complete this setup is safc, injectors, walbro, and oil lines


300zx tt brakes(red)
300zx Brake Master Cylinder
300zx Brake lines

150$ On one of the calipers the bolt hole needs to be re threaded or something. And one caliper needs sliders and brakes. One has it all.

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FYI Brake line threads inside the caliper are near-impossible to rethread - and who wants them when one is missing sliders and ???brakes??? (the dumbass probably meant pads)

For $200 you could get a complete front set, loaded with pads, and not missing anything or in need of repair


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ok… soo bings manifold is T2 flange… and you rhave a T3 flanged rb20det turbo… how is that supposed to work??? just a heads up fo people thats all

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