KA24DE Parts

Looking for:

  • S13 KA24DE headers, preferably DC sports.
  • S13 KA24DE 248 exhaust cam, preferably a low KM one with no damage.
    OR S14 KA24DE 232 cam
  • S13 2.5-3" cat back exhaust with single tip muffler.

Pictures and any details are a must! Inbox me with any offers, thanks in advance!


Up to the top! :slight_smile:

Still looking for all of the above!

I have a full header back 3’ exhaust with magnaflow high flow cat & double tip muffler

Cams and 3" exhaust are no longer needed! Just looking for headers for KA24DE still! Luis240sx I messaged you!

Found everything no need for this thread anymore!