Leasing a car is stupid....


The first three years of a car’s life are generally the most “hassle free” years. Leasing can be a real good option.



The thread title should read Leasing and buying a new car is stupid.

Buying used you pay the already semi depreciated value of the vehicle, which is also less in taxes too!



Its 100% dependent on the individual situation.

There isn’t a right answer

Example of a case where leasing didn’t work out - http://www.nyspeed.com/showthread.php?243795-Lease-Questions


I’m really glad you stepped in here. I was curious to see what a professional in the industry would have to say.


I’ll state I am not blindly against leases. I typically don’t see the value in BUYING a new vehicle. Also, I have never leased…but, only due to the situations I’ve dealt with. I was able to buy exactly what I needed used…so I did.

Great banter though…keep it coming!


True, it was just an example though. Basically if you can’t afford it to start with, don’t buy OR Lease it. I know some people that do this exact thing. Making 100k a year (not directed to anyone on the board) doesn’t mean shit if you just blow it all.

Also to piggy back on what beck said, I’ve turned in two cars now from leases, both with some accidental damage. They never asked for even a dime out of me. That “Oh I heard if you fart in the car they charge you a million bucks” mentality isn’t accurate, at least not with reputable dealers.


Shopping for a car to lease.


I’m curious if long term ownership costs have decreased on newer vehicles since reliability seems to be up.


Manufacturers, not dealers. Dealers have nothing to do with fees incurred at the time of lease turn in.


What determines buy versus lease? Monthly Payment? Warranty? Down Payment? Credit? Sexual Orientation?

No really, it is the security of knowing you OWN something versus something you don’t care about because you don’t own it?


You don’t own a car if you buy it new with multi year loan anyways.

Oh and this - http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/10/28/long-term-car-loans/3191819/


with loan rates at like 1.99% for used cars (penfed), I’ll take the longest term they will give me. Not because I can’t afford it, but because I have better uses for my money than as equity in a car.


Another valid point. Why not stretch it out if it adds up to be a good decision?

True. I’ve only had 2 vehicles out of 6 in my possession that I have never truly owned: ie did not pay cash for free and clear.

That article was a good read. I can’t imagine a $600+ payment for a vehicle. I’ve never been over $400…but that was my preferred payment with regards to affordability in addition to my down payment.


I’d lease a viper, corvette or mustang, and use all the miles on a track… I wouldn’t even register it.


Personally with my experience with leasing, I will not do it again, I’d rather pay a down payment and buy a new or used car. $xx,xxx to lease a car for 2-3years, that could of been money towards a new or used car.


Bought a new cruze and a grand cherokee in 2012 for cash. Both are around 60k miles and have only incurred the costs of scheduled maintenance and a set of tires each… So far so good.


I fart in my truck all the time but I own it so…


I love throwing curveballs so…

Lease vs own…
You don’t own your car when you register it anyway, you are turning it over to the state that is why they give you a title.



Tell me your thoughts on birth certificates…


Obama’s birth cert especially.


Why pay money for something you can take from someone else at gunpoint? Paying for a car, what a waste of money…