Lets say that, hypothetically...

try it. worth a shot. if they back out then oh well no loss. :gotme:


$900 dollar pool table for $99 dollars anyone? Shipping’s another $250.

i think they have to give it to you at that price… or else is mis advertising

no they dont have to give it to you, but go ahead and try

wow. let me know how that works out.

Eh I can’t spend $350 on a pool table right now, even if it is an outrageous deal. I got excited but forgot about shipping.

Order Number: 7657968121
Order Date: 12/03/06 at 8:59:59 PM (EST)
Order Total: $339.98


too bad its only 7ft

I’ve ordered parts from a website, and they then tell me a price thats twice what the site says, ends up that it was an old sight that google had the link to, but they had no link to on thier page. I didn’t know this till i had the parts, i really pitched a fit, and got parts at dealer, which was still more than the page said, but i took the hit. I explained that the page was still active, and was not cached, but the dumb bitch couldn’t get that threw her fat jerry springer watching ass.

worth a shot, a few people HAVE managed to get stuff @ typo price before

see about in store pickup ha

Let us know if you get it. :tup:

Usually there is a disclaimer that says they have the right to change any price if there is a typo or whatever. Maybe they will come through with it, who knows.

looks liek they just changed it

i know in stores if something is priced incorrectly it is nys law for them to sell it at the price, idk about the internet tho

Chances are you probably won’t get it, but if you do that would be sweet. But in most cases they send you a message stating it was a typo and it was cancelled. That law does not apply to the internet.

Dear Sean Ryan:

Thank you for shopping at dickssportinggoods.com. Your business is very important to us. We received your order 7657968121-000
which includes backordered or advanced sale items that are unavailable
for shipment. Once the products are available for processing, you will
receive a new order confirmation e-mail. The following item(s) will be shipped when in stock.

Item: 3172734
Description: PS ESC MIZ 7’ Mercer
Quantity: 1 @ $ 89.99
Shipping Method: Freight Standard
Arrival dependent upon the shipping method selected.

ScoreCard Number: 203965438011

Please remember that your credit card will not be charged until the
item(s) are shipped. When the item(s) becomes available for shipment,
you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the shipping details. http://www.DicksSportingGoods.com/helpdesk,

Please visit our online Help area,
for any questions about your order. If you are unable to find the answers
you need, you may contact one of our Customer Service Specialists through
our online e-mail form, also found in the Help area of our website.
Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification-only
system that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

Best regards,

Customer Service

that didnt take long, lol

Damn it’s gone now.

Yeah usually they cancel orders for these type of things… but you never know…

did you ever get this?