lg chocolate

not really sure why but the gf really wants one after them being cool 3 years ago. well lmk!

My girlfriend has one of the light blue ones in good shape. Shoot me a text at 6072014295 and we can try to work something out.

I have the flip style, its the VX8600.

It works perfectly, just has some signs of its age/use. Typical scuffs, and a small scratch on the outside screen.

If you are interested lemme know and I will try and get you some pics.

im pretty sure she is looking for the OG one, i think they came only in pink or black. ill talk to her though about both, thanks guys.

these were some of the WORST phones ever sold by VZW. I never had so many come back on me. I would tell people when they were buying them “you dont want this phone” “I’ll see you in 6 months when it stops working”

It’s amazing how dumb girls are. My GF at the time wanted a RAZR. “no you dont” she got one anyway. NON STOP ISSUES with it. then she wanted a chocolate “no you dont” she got one anyway. NON STOP ISSUES.

do her a favor, take her money, and spend it on beer. it will be better spent.

haha. i had one. Had it replaced twice. It finally died 2 weeks after the replacement period ended and they wouldn’t replace it. First two times were for a light scratch on the screen causing it to scroll the menus constantly. The last time the ribbon cable got damaged so there is no screen on the front. Still have the phone, and the cable is like $10 on ebay, but never wanted to go through the trouble to fix it. I’d probably sell it for cheap. it’s the black one.

just got a Chocolate Touch now, and it seems much better and was practically free with my upgrade.

haha thats the truth, i think she went thru 5-6 of them before she got rid of it, i told her not to but she sits on ebay all day and bids on the things, bitches be dumb, so i figured id try and save her a tad bit of money, get some brownie points.


put her out of her misery now, do the world a favor

these phones fucking suck so bad

my bro had one it was a piece of shit

i think i may just have to off her. thanks for the idea. haha.

you are better off without her at this point.

hahahaha thanks for the tip.

i have a second gen one, red. pm me if you are interested.