looky at what I got

just got it today. this bad boy only weighs 27pds

sweet yellow cap and foam triangle

nice i always wanted to try circle d. heard lot of good things about them

there suppose to be the best I guess come spring with my built 350 turbo and this 5500 stall in the blazer we will find out.

awesome. how does the craftsmanship look? i have been on their site several times. curious on the results. good luck with it.


I have no complants at all they definately do awesome work. ull definately get ur moneys worth.


go away

now y would i do that…

because I want u to.

I like turtles

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neal chance billet converters are pretty sick

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Looks like there are pretty good vehicles out there, and really cool guys working on them to make them look chick and with time the competition is getting hotter day by day thus bringing out better and better wheels out.