Luxury SUV?


The X5 is a 2001. It’s white with grey leather interior, heated seats, sunroof, wood grain trim, tinted windows, cd changer, etc…

New from Clifton Park

You can get an x5 in manual too…

Not sure if thats a plus for you…


I have driven both an fx35 and a tourag v8.

The fx has a nice exhaust note…but then agian so does the v8 rag.

the fx looks pretty baller but infiniti interiors never impressed me… It’s too cheap looking.
The Rags interior is much better IMO… and it seems vw is hit and miss. the 4.2 litre is a good strong motor and I may be a bit biased but i don’t think the tourag is unreliable.
I’ve never driven an x5 but if you want to stay around the 23 mark I don’t know if you will touch a decent one. You don’t want a 3.0 x5…kinda gay.

What about a trailblazer ss? they are pretty decent…i wouldn’t say luxo but they are pretty quick and can be had for cheap.


I think you can only get the 3.0 6 in a stick…not the v8


FX FTW !!! then get this

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Newman do you really care about how fast your luxo SUV would be? I know personally i dont think i would pay extra for a more powerful motor in an SUV not when you already have a really fast car. In a sedan i would care but a SUV is a pig anyhow i dont know maybe im just lame. BTW i just looked up some prices and thats a fucking deal on the X5.

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BMW x3? I somehow dont see newman in a big truck. Anyway, that one is AWD 6SP…

love4boost's 2000 BMW

Exactly. He already has fast cars, if I was in his position, id be looking for a reliable, gas sipping ride…

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i don’t want it to be fast… though it would be nice if i could tow a car on an open trailer if needed…

Pretty sure the fx will not do that.
The FX looks so hot, though… the others are just OK.

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Thats exactley my point i know personally i already have a 600+hp car so i want my daily to be a comfy gas sipper but i still wouldnt mind it being somewhat fun to drive.

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I’d bet a 45 could do it, but 45 = $…

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love4boost's 2000 BMW
love4boost's 2000 BMW

I bet it would it might not say to do it but shit i know a guy that tows his 9sec TA with a jeep wrangler. Also SREAWFSR or whatever his sn was trailered his vette from Buffalo to FLA with a BLAZER!!! through the mountains and shit. Im sure you could do it.

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hahah yeah

as long as the tongue weight isnt too crazy, you could probably get away with it. Open car trailer + the BMW would be pretty light…

Fighting a Ticket in McCandless
Fighting a Ticket in McCandless

pretty base but good miles and price:

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Decent price.

Even the base ones are nice…

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I think if you get over the fact of owning a vw…the tourag just seems more what you need.
Throw some d’s on it and I think it will look way better.
If I were to do it… It’d go…


the fx’s are still quite high in price compared to the tourag

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Ok just checked the FX35’s towing capacity is 3500lbs and you know that shit is conservative. You would be fine. Especially since that is for like extended travel conditions with the vehicle at full capacity. Also if you really want to be safe just get a secondary trans cooler and having driven one i know the brakes or power wont be a problem.



Thats all we did with my truck. Tranny cooler, and it tows our 7000lb blat like a champ.


pretty hot.


Ok here is some info Im not sure what years your looking at but for ex.
2002 X5 3.0 Gas Mileage 15/20MPG Towing 5,000lbs
2002 X5 4.4 Gas Mileage 13/17MPG Towing 6,000lbs
2007 FX35 Gas Mileage 16/21MPG Towing 3,500lbs
Not looking up the VW cause they are lame sorry.