Meltup - The beginning of a U.S. currency crisis and hyperinflation. - LONG

It’s quite long and depressing but well worth the watch.

I know, educational = dreadful but it’s worth it.!

If you really want, skip to ~15 minute mark to start.

Basically anybody with savings or investments should watch this.

Not necessarily agree with it, but at least watch and think.

It’s part scare tactic, part speculation, part conspiracy, part truth.

You decide.

thanks to the illegals and the lazy. we’re doomed.

We’re in for very serious levels of inflation, agree with it or not, it’s going to happen. And it’s going to hurt everyone. And if you have savings and investments and didnt already know this, it was only a matter of time until someone took all your money anyway.

[didnt watch video]

You know everything is fucked when the euro begins to lose it’s value.

Watch the video and it will mention on that fact, it also predicts that the Euro will bounce back very soon and it lost it’s value as a safety measure against the rally’s.

Please watch it, you’re one of the few members I wanted to have a solid discussion going on the matter. It does agree with you in that aspect, as I’m sure you will agree with many things said on the video.

Call me a moron but when all this shit started happening I liquidated all of mymarket investments and pulled a good deal out of my savings. I turned around and invested in things that I knew would keep the highest value like GOLD.

I still do not keep any savings money in a bank account to this day. Last year Isat down and figured out that by pulling everything I did when I did i lost about 17%, if I had kept my investments to this day I’d be down about 44% of the money I orignally put in.

As for the inflation I see it creeping up every single day. Mailing prices have doubled, I have seen the appliance market go From $300 for a garbage super basic dishwasher with our store making a 30% profit to that same unit being $439 with our store only making a 20% profit and its because costs all across the board have risen due to taxes rising and fewer customers.

The market is completely backwards right now, demand is way down and supply is way up but rather than lowering prices campanies are only raising them causing the demand to plummet more because customers cant afoord to purchae new and just choose to repair or go without. The government then does a "bail out or “cash for clunkers” but then turns around and raises taxes or fines or something that raises prduction and shipping costs which hurts the consumer even more even though they niavely think they are benefitting.

We’re in a horribly vicious cycle right now, things just keep going up and up and the seperation between the poor and the rich is becoming more and more evident

Investing into the most inflation proof object isn’t moronic, it’s rather wise but definitely not cheap. The value of the few oz’s rivals the value of a large number of cars on the site.

I’m seriously considering going into silver at the moment.

someone I trust and believe in told me a while ago to move towards precious metals and stones. So farI’m not disappointed even though silver doesnt climb as fast it does seem more stable of a climb then gold

Watch the video broski. Even if it’s half true, you’ll be glad you invested into precious metals. I’d suggest claiming into physical possession however.

It seems that there are more notes given out on precious metals than there are out in existence or even what the demand of mines can keep up with.

Essentially if $hit hit’s the fan, those people with metals in hand will have power, and the rest will have I-OWE-U notes worth nothing.

yeah the only thing I worry about with physical is getting robbed

I’m going to steal your goldz

Watched the middle of it, nothing new. What has been going on for the last decade in the US economy is economics 101. Economists have been predicting this for years. Because politicians know a depression will be the end of their legacy, they’ll do whatever they can do avoid it and push it onto the next guy, but depressions are necessary market corrections when people screw it up. They just wont allow it to happen on their watch. Americans are stupid, all they care about is what happens to them tomorrow not 5 years from now so hyperinflation (which will effectively be its own depression), defecit, unfunded liabilities, etc will just be that next president’s fault.

I’m glad they mentioned that the healthcare bill was unconstitutional, I was pretty sure no one cared anymore.

Shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t strap everything you got around your neck.

Nice, solid, ideally bolted to the floor safe and you’re golden.

Otherwise you might get robbed by the financial sector :shifty

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