Member Account Status ::: What Should it Include?

Had several people contact me about this recently as you may have seen.

We never made any changes to the upgraded membership when we merged the forums but we did take away the upgrade link. All it really ever did was grant access to the member’s section which isn’t terribly busy any more anyhow.

We’re going to add back the upgrade link so that i don’t have to manage it individually.

The question is though, what other features should membership include?

Off the top of my head:

  • higher PM box capacity
  • editable signatures / larger signatures
  • customizable usertitle
  • additional edit features
  • blogging rights

Please suggest only things that are inside VBulletin.

Obviously stickers should be included, which they will be.

Things like discounts etc. etc. are difficult because we don’t really sell anything on behalf of the forums and events are so tough to even get enough people out to anyways… discounting them just makes it harder to pay for :slight_smile:

Feedback appreciated.

sounds good to me, Bing you have yet to change my title above my avatar lol

backrubs for sure

What you listed sounds good. DU EET.

I second that. At any and all destinations I might add.

We set up a subscription for the forum with the new account features here:


give it a try :slight_smile:

ehemmm, what about us vendors…I still havent had my shtuff awesomeized.

cool beans