Mid Summer Sale!


wow. There’s a lotta stuff on there I was lookin to pickup anyways… how longs this good for? :slight_smile:


Hmmmmmm, and no tax for me either…



Just ordered 12. I hadn’t heard of that one before so we didn’t have it in stock.

I’ll run these sale prices for NYSpeeders for a while or until they raise prices on certain items.

So that’s why you moved… :stuck_out_tongue:


why is everyone selling their ka-t
why is everyone selling their ka-t
Ryan's 1993 Toyota Supra
Ryan's 1993 Toyota Supra

mike empty ur PM box

PICS: Supra Detailed

Mike, I’m going to need new front pads for the S2000.
what are your prices for Brake pads for the Axxis, Hawk, and Ferodo pads?

Post a PIC of your latest purchase.

compustar remote 2wssr, is it the new style or the old style, if its the new style i need one but i dont have a shipping address yet, i will hopefully get one next week

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are the price on the plugs u ordered the same as listed in 1st post


yeah i was suffering from lack of knowledge as far as what you stock. but after you saved my ass with the exhaust wrap and i saw everything you have, i know where to go from now on :tup:


got couplers for intercooler piping?? i need some. ahh and i need a turbo gasket for a 14b turbo.


I have a few hundred couplers in stock jnky. :wink: Yes I have that turbo gasket too.

Ulimates are 69.99 for S2000 front. That’s your best bet for a street pad. If you want a track pad Hawk and Ferodo have some nice options. Let me know which this would be for.

I can special order an extra remote. Let me know.

Honestly, I think my numbers are BS

well, im really only going to track one more day this year…maybe two at most.
what do you think Mike?

Honestly, I think my numbers are BS

sccchhhweeeett, whats the addy for the new shop?

Honestly, I think my numbers are BS

Innovative Tuning
298 Hinman Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14216

Depending on how you drive, how much grip you’re working with, etc. you may be able to get away with Ultimates. Others will overheat them and tear rotors up. Did you have problems with your pads at other events and which pads were they?

Split from lconrad's FS thread...

I was on stock pads and my car had 9000 miles on it. The pads are still on the car and work, but are a little “tired”. no real problems at the track though


Mike can you get prices for these KYB AGX’s. They have supposedly just been released within the last two weeks so they are not listed in their catalog.

w body gm… AGX
Front - 734058
Rear - 734059

I need some advice, tapped a lady's bumper what to do?

If you didn’t have problems on stock pads, an upgraded street pad like Ultimates will only be better.

My KYB distributor is contacting KYB about those parts #'s for me. They had info on the rears, but not the fronts. They’re hoping to have both late this month.

The 2-car cruise...
The 2-car cruise...

Let me know when you find out the part numbers :tup:

I’ll prob try and pick up a set before the track day, gotta get some tires too :eek:


:tup: thanx Mike. Let me know when you have more info.

Got a maid
Got a maid

Stealth: What part #'s?

Richmond Hill Meet [Friday nights]

ultimate fronts would be good man. I can’t seem to find the part number…

hawk Front brake pads are HPS-361…i’d consider those too