Miracle on the Hudson

What the fuck… it isn’t a Miracle.

“A miracle is a sensibly perceptible interruption of the laws of nature, such that can only be explained by divine intervention, and is sometimes associated with a miracle-worker.” right from WIKI.

The pilot did his job, and did it with razor sharp skill, fast reactions all in a proper manor. The guy didnt panic, he though VERY far ahead in the scenario and knew what would be the best outcome, and focused on completing that goal.

Is it a miracle that I turn in my reports on time, or fix someone’s laptop? NO, its my job, and I do it correctly.

This whole media scheme, calling it a Miracle… is simply showing how stupid and single minded people are now a days. The average person, sees it as a miracle because they cant think more than one step at a time. They cant see that this was a calculated and well executed chain of events. It would have been a fucking miracle if the pilot just let go of the controls and the plane flew itself safely into the river!

Come one people, start living your life. Do what you need to do to keep/get a job, feed your self and family and stay happy. All this bullshit focus’ our attention away from what really matters. This pilot deserves allot more credit than he is giving, and everyone that knows about his even should look at it and take things from it to better their own lives.

rant over.


It’s all bullshit. It’s the media’s way of attracting the attention through the use of emotion.

Are you fucking retarded, how many plane crashes havent resulted in the fatalities of everyone on bored. NOT MANY. Choose a real fucking topic to rant about.

Ok, so that equates to luck and/or a series of events that fell perfectly in line in order for noone to get hurt.

There is no such thing as mircales IMO. Just a mixture of coincidence and luck.

i think is all about nerves of steal

its the situation as a whole… obviously the laws of nature can’t be interrupted and obviously the skill of pilot had something to do with it, but everyone survived therefore its amazing

its not the media that created the miracle on the hudson it was gov. patterson in his press conference. Its a miracle the blind fool is governor (now thats a true miracle, lol)

You are correct!

Nope I am not fucking retarded. In between Feb 6, 2008 and Jan 26, 2008 there were 69 recorded events and of these 10 had fatal results. Right from the FAA web page.

a MIRACLE would have been if he crashed the plane straight into the ground, walked out of the burning wreck, and pissed on the fire.

what happened I would consider it being doing exactly as your trained, and having everything work out for you

All I am saying that many of the problems we all are facing now, are caused by narrow minded people buying into bullshit media. This is on perfect example.

If more people strived to do good, and succeed at what they do, like this guy actually did, I guaranty society would not be as deep in shit as we are today. Instead negative media pushes people away from success and allows people to hide behind the rest of the bullshit going on around them.

Thank you.

Il bet if you were on the plane you would have walked off it saying that it was a miracle

good point

Nope. I can tell you I dont remember the last time I used that word for anything I did, or was apart of.

If I were on the plane, I would go right to the pilot the first chance I could and thank him from from the bottom of my heart.

Now, if some god came down and told me “Mike, your welcome”… then maybe I would call it a maricle.

Ok first of all, If I was on that plane and it crashed, I sure as fuck wouldn’t be stopping to have a little chit chat.

or if you learned how to spell, that could be a miracle

I doubt EITHER of you have room to start a spelling war, given the nature of your usernames…

Like I said the first chance I got. And why not, if you were OK, why wouldnt you stop to say a quick “thanks for saving my life”?

Are you fucking kidding, I threw that word around 123,992 times so far let me have one. :slight_smile:

my username is made up… not a custom spelling of the word custom