PLane crash in Toronto!!!

Jeebus! no details as of yet but its a passenger plane. front page news

Bah friggan Cnn sucks

im watching tv now and it interrupted the program…

its an air france jet with 200-300 people in it at the pierson airport…it tried to land but cuz of the thunder storm…it slid off the landing strip and fell into a ravine…

hope that some people survived…


hotTt damn… :eek:

oh Jesus!

Bad weather + wet runway + tired pilot

daum nukkaaaaa!

good thing everyone made it out alive.

Looks like it got hit by lightning on the way down. Now that all the controls are computer fly-by-wire, a lightning strike (if it takes out the computer) could be fatal.

Good thing the moat at the end of the runway was there, otherwise that plane would have slid right out onto the 401 and taken out another 30 or so cars each direction.

i guess thats better then it falling out of the sky.

I am shocked taht no one died in this accident. That is amazingly good news. The crew should be commended for getting the people off.


Oh everyone ‘got off’ alright. a ‘Happy ending’ even. :rofl:

deffinantly … i was sitting here thinking “i hope it simply coasted down the runway and hit the ditch lightly”

early reports were that witnesses saw lightning strike the plane just before touch down, and passangers said that all the interior lights and such went dead b4 they landed

i was quite surprised to hear that everyone survived … i was expecting the worst

From the reports on what happened, it’s pretty crazy that everyone survived and there weren’t even any serious injuries.

Very good to hear.

some of the injured were walking out to the highway and hitchhiking to the hospital , lol

i can see them at the emergency room when there are people coming in on foot from the plane crash, prolly even before most people at the hospital had heard about it