Mobil 1 Coupons

Pep Boys is selling 2005 calendars for $1 each. Each calendar has coupons in it, one of which is buy three quarts of Mobil 1, get three quarts free.

So, spend a dollar on a calendar, save about $12 on Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

I just ordered 7 calendars off ebay. It says free shipping, but you have to put .01 in the shipping total to get it to accept the order. It won’t take .00 or 0.
You can try your local Pep Boys to see if they have the calendars in stock there, too.

Just thought I’d pass that along for any fellow cheapasses.

:cool: thanks

I bought one last weekend, good deal!

Love that Mobil One.

I even heard that Shag uses it as cologne for those special night’s out :3some:

you mean anal lube?