Monday Morning Crew

Morning all, how is everyone’s Monday?

I am anxious as I am awaiting a job offer that can’t come soon enough!!!

whats the problem ? :kekegay:


I only seem to have that problem with you… hmmmmmm

glad im not at work, feel like crap

coo, that’s the best feeling

Morning, hope it goes well Raylene! :cheers: Mondays suck, even tho i am working from home now…


checking in

I feel like shit… and have to go get an estimate on my car. :frowning:


I’m sick and have class at 2, probably going back to bed for awhile

Feeling anxious and waiting b/c you don’t know when it’s going to happen isn’t fun. Now once the offer does come - then it’s party time!!!


work is always beat…been here since 7 today…my desk is just stacked with folder…yippeeeeeee :ugh:

day off today…japanese love our bank holidays

ugh…2 classes today anantomy and microbiology…boo I think i have a case of the mondays!

I have work from 4 to close tonight… blah.

work pwns me. school,work,home to study what a great schedule for the next 3 days!

calc was cancelled so I got the day off

needed some sandpaper so I ventured to a store

being here < not being here

another day another dollar. Here’s hoping I get a job offer today!