Mr. Meister in the room!

Hey everyone. Mike in the haus.

blkg60 on the “other forum”

Corrado vr6 turbo is the car.

Charlotte, NC is the new location.

I’ll be back in a few weeks for a visit, hope to catch you all at a gtg or out and about.

yeeeeeeeeees welcome


welcome :wave:

whats up mike. how you been

yer ghey.

I’ve been good, but busy. NASCAR is kickin my ass still, but its racing and its fun. Heading to Daytona tomorrow, then Chicago.

I’ll be home week of July 11th to work on the Rado. Wanna weld up some intercooler pipes that need some “tweaking”? Also I need my exhaust built.

Hope the shop is going well.

Jam, when are you going to do the truffle shuffle for us? :biglaugh:


:bsflag: about working on your car when your here :rofl: .

What’s up mikey, glad to hear everything is going alright :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes vagina is more important…but not this time.

Sup, Mikey glad to see you on board.