My new addition...

My wife and I just had our first son…born January 9th 11:31 AM, 7 lbs. 1 oz.—20 inches long.
His first name is Landon middle name James. Here’s 2 pics I snapped of him. The first pic was taken in the hosptial the day before we came home (we were there Mon-Fri). The second pic was taken at home as he was lying on my wife’s chest, just chillin. I never in my wildest dreams thought I was ready to have a child, but I gotta tell you, it is the coolest thing in the world. The first time I heard him cry, all my worries were gone. Definitely a good feeling.



congrats… now pics of baby being made.

cute kid,


Damn! the one time we didn’t document it…

Landon is a cute boy,congrats!!!



Congrats man, I’ll be having a boy named Landon James real soon as well. My g/f is due the 21st of this month!

your naming your boy the same… tahts insane… already have this picked out?


Congrats…You will experience sleepless nights in the near future. Good luck.

My son is now almost 6 months & it seems like it went so fast.

old enough to help out in the garage now then right ?..:smiley:

Yeah Landon was the only named we could both agree on, and James (jim) is her dads name and my middle name so thats what we decided on.

That’s too funny. We came about that name almost the exact same way, except James is not my middle name. We had it picked out before we even found out he was a boy (we found out ahead of time). Truthfully, we had our hearts so set on having a boy, that we didn’t even think of a girl name. It’s funny, when we picked it, we didn’t know of anyone naming their son Landon, but now it is popping up everywhere.

Well, congrats and good luck to your Landon!