my new bling *56k ok*

My new stenciled heat exhanger finally came in on friday after ordering it from a group purchase. I installed it on saturday morning, pretty quick swap, only took about 45 mins. Some seen it on sunday at the dyno day, but here are some pics…

repeat HAWT

Looks so mean.

very nice.

looks good

pimptastic… very nice!

Seen it at dyno day; looks awesome!

Wow, there is just something about a mustang with a FMIC that … just is so pimp

i get horny looking at that car…

looks pretty sweet :tup:

I like any “heat exchanger” that has something ledgable on the front. I hate the one’s that you have to stare at like a Magic eye poster to figure out what it is.

thanks guys :smiley:

lookin good, LFP?

did you get in the group buy through injected racing? :smiley: if so, me too.

except mine sez cobra. looks great man :tup: help bring those IAT2s down alot faster

yup its an LFP and yea that was the same group buy :D. can’t wait to see how yours will look on your sexy snake :tup:

wow, looks real badass :headbang:

might be just me but i really dont like the red lettering. if it was me id paint that black. i dunno just seems a little tacky to me

dims from stock to this? Their has been alot of debait about having bigger front mounts for water-to-air systems but its not always nessisary. A properly sized pump and res. are the most important to keep water temps consistant and not get heat soaked. Looks real good. Id like to know water temp diff. from stock to this one.

looks cool :tup:

What company is LFP? I just bought an '03 and want one that says something on it…Thanks…

Lightning force performance…

If there is anything else you’d like to know, shoot me a pm some time :wink: