N2MB WOT Box with 2-Step

I have been dealing with these guys for quite some time now. They are very knowledgeable and their product is great! I have one of these in my car, and am just passing it along…

They currently have software that is programmable via an RS232 (serial) port on the box. They are currently developing a shift light/nitrous control harness for the WOT box that eliminates the need for a WOT switch, window switch, and tach adapter on most vehicles. I just recieved my Nitrous control harness that I am currently beta testing for them. Check it out!

i was gonna get one of these for my 1.8t, but never got around to it.

tryin to make some extra cash hahahaha :wink:

it’s awesome, really. Next time you see me at the lot, ask me about it and I’ll show you how it works! :number1

oh i know how it works, sounds better on the srt-4 then on the 1.8t’s. it is sick for sure, it would be nice if it could retard timing to make some boostz

Works on my shizz too. Don’t really need launch control though. Little turbo’s FTW!

I was thinking about doing this on mine next .

Do ettttttttt

Tell them JiM P 2001 from srtforums sent ya…


APR softwares knock counter will go insane and throw you into limp mode right away… maybe you should do research about products and how they react first.

wernt u selling your car like yesterday?

I can vouch for this, so can my front bumper. :Idiots

:rofl Sorry!

Next time don’t get so close! lol

Yea! I dont know why I was so close completely stopped in the middle of a main road. I didnt get the 60mph to 0mph memo!

Traffic Light? LOL!

There was no traffic light!!!

Yes there was! I smoked my tires through the intersection!!! :number1

…or maybe you’re talking about when they were racing on the bikes???

That is what im talking about. :eek3

I thought I 2-stepped it at the traffic light…

You did it there too.

Actually, i did and contacted them and they said it would be fine

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