Need 7-Sided Socket for Muteki (??) Wheel Lugs

So I have these aluminum wheel lugs I bought when my car was in ohio and after sitting there for a year the “key” was lost. It’s just a plain looking socket, fairly small, but it has 7-sides (at least I’m pretty sure they do, I need to go look closer when I get a chance)

I just tried to measure the lugs but they’re too deep to get a proper measurement.

I estimate them to be between 15mm and 17mm (my approx measurement was almost exactly 16mm)

They are these ones I believe:

Anyway, if you have one I’d love to borrow it or buy it from you ASAP!


PS - If anyone knows where I could order one, that would also be very helpful.

I have the same lugs on my Silvia, you can borrow my key for them if you want.

I have Muteki ones and they are spline drive, not 7 sided. The Kyogugen or whatever ones are 7 sided. You need a special key for spline drive ones, but anyone with Muteki lugs will have the same key.

hey there, the muteki open ended lugs are 7-sided it seems… the closed ended are spline drive…

but thanks :smiley:

i think tires23 can get them for me!

ah crap, I think you might be right! I better look in to this a little more - tires23 is supposed to be getting me a key for them :-/

thanks for making me re-check! :smiley:

ive got 24 closed end muteki’s (chrome) with key

30 bucks

Normally I’m not a dick like this (ok maybe thats a lie) but does this really look like a WTB thread?

all of the lug nuts in the world arent going to get these off for me.

anyhow, I got a key shipped to me overnight from the original supplier of these and this thread can be closed now, thanks all!