Need a fender painted

I need to have the drives side fender on my wifes Ford Edge repainted. The clear coat failed and it looks like shit. I am keeping the vehicle one more year it seems so I want it to not look nasty.

You may be able to just sand and re-clear but I am not an auto painter, I just know how to make them shiny.

I can post a picture later if someone really needs to see it, but it is simply a 1 sqft area of clear failure on an orange SUV fender.

Let me know.

If you can wait a week I can help. I’m currently in Alaska

I don’t have a timeline. I can wait forever, just trying to be nice to my wife.

One of my close friends is the GM of the body shop at Dave smith ford, pop in with the car. Give you a quote right on the spot. He does my paint work on my vehicles. Never disappointed

Not to hijack but I also need some work done. I need to repaint my front bumper on my 2011 honda cr-z.