Neo Chrome Lugs + Titanium Exhaust Tips

102mm Titanium Exhaust Tips for most N1 style catbacks…

Available in straight cut or angle-cut tips… $65 each tip + shipping

Polished finish with a burnt tip… genuine titanium

And Neo Chrome Aluminum Tuner Lugs…

I really like these actually, they are nice and long so you won’t scratch your wheels and you’ll get to see the colour pop out of the wheel no matter what face space you have since these are quite long and open ended. Perfect for extended stud users.

Available in 12x1.25mm and 12x1.5mm

$75 for a pack of 20.

By special order the tuner lugs are available in the following colours: blue, black, gold, orange, red, purple, green

NVM :frowning:

Are the lugnuts made of aluminum? Or what exactly

Yes they are very light weight aluminum.

I suspect I’ll have to raise the price on the next batch too. I’m going off an intro price I was given here.

Just a heads up… the neo chrome lugs in 12x1.5mm only come in sets of 16 (for Honda) so you would need to add a lock to each wheel to make it work. They are $65 for the set.

I can do the regular colours in sets of 20. i have one set of red aluminum tuner lugs in 1.5mm in stock that i was going to use for my M3 but i can just bring more in later for myself since I’m not using them right away anyways.

Can you get any lug nuts in steel?

the aluminum lugs are $55 per set and i have a couple sets left.

they are aluminum so they are softer than steel so be cautious.