Never introduced myself before

Hey i’m Alf. I live by delaware park now, used to drive a 2002 subaru wrx wagon, but now I got a 2003 Ford F-350 Superduty Power Stroke Diesel, 6.0 liter, V-8. It is the supercab with the short bed. Plan on doing the Banks Big Hoss system on the truck and simple stuff, not crazy, yet at least. Well thats it.

welcome man

:wave: What’s up Alf?

What happened to the WRX? You didn’t trade it in as is did you?


Whats up fellow former WRX owner!

Dood, wtf are you doing with that huge truck? lol

:word: especially if you are gonna end up in NYC!

Traded it in as is, got 14k for the car, and about 3k for the mods. Got the truck cause I am getting 195 acres of land in deposit, NY towards November and I am getting a quad and a boat and a bunch of other ish. So need a towing vehicle, and for the price that I got the truck for I couldn’t say no.

hello n welcome, i gotz a quad for sale if interested pm me.