NEW: Bings Coolant Resevoirs **Black Version**


yeah i have one of each finish left.


hey bing!

will these mount on a s14 as well??

if so…i call the black one!!


no, they are just for S13.

i’ll take a look at S14 soon though.


Bing, if you make these for R32’s I bet you will get a very warm response from GTRC. Worth a try eh.


you’d think that… but skyline guys havent warmed up to some of my other stuff that is already better than all the JDM equivalents.


I kinda know what you mean. A lot of Skyline owners are brand whores. Looking at these, im tempted to fab up one for myself.


good job bing


Hey Bing I was looking threw and old magazine. And saw one of these custum made, but it was divided into two sections, it served as an oil catch can and a coolant resevoir. Have you ever thought about it, I would defently drop good cash on a peace of hard ware like that.


thats actually a sick idea… i’ve been looking at a custom catch can for a while now too, we’ll see how things go. thanks for the suggestion.


Bing, make that and I’ll 100% buy one.


If you follow threw with it, let me know. I am down for 1, maybe 2!!


I would be down for a 2 in 1 tank as well


back in stock.

not all of them have the laser engraved cap…


i have a few more of these in stock now… a few black and a few uncoated.

the cap is not etched though, it’s just red with a vent hole in it.


have you thought about power coating the reservoirs with other colours? matt bronze.


no, makes no sense for me to do custom colours, you should do them on your own to get them right.


U guys should make some for s14


Just make it work with s14


i have thought about it… just never got around to it.


I want one un-painted do you still have them??