NEW: Bings Coolant Resevoirs **Black Version**

Bonjour Gentlemen…

It’s been several months since i came out with something new… rest assured, i’m working on several projects this winter… Here is one.

you may recall these items first debuted here:

We made some key changes to the CS piece, namely the location of the inlet nipple.

We have since changed the cap to a laser engraved, billet aluminum piece anodized in red.

These pieces are almost ready to go, but are available only in limited quantities. I am not certain if i will do these full-time. Depends on how well they are received.

I am just waiting on the drain caps, i thought they were installed already, i’ll have to go back and pick them up next week.

These things are hand made, hand tigged in Ontario. all materials sourced from within Ontario and even the anodizing and laser engraving is done in Ontario… or Niagara for that matter, at Bicknell Racing Products.

I have one installed on my coupe, here are some pics:

If you recall from the previous thread the CS ones have this issue:

We addressed it here:

bare in mind that last pic is of a pressurized cap… no longer available like that.

We’re going to try out some fancy powder coats, but i have a select few available as seen above. The first 2 are already spoken for…

As for price… i have to check again…lol… will report back soon.

Expect $150 - $175 on them though.

I know this may sound like a bit of an odd question, but regarding installation, would it just be: removal of old coolant resevoir, installation of new resevoir + connecting old lines. Or would there be any necessity in order to have everything working correctly and sitting in tight? Such as fabbing up your own bracket, additional adapters/sensors. That kinda jazz. Or is it just straight forward, remove, install, done.

its a direct bolt in.

I want one!!! lol, when they are ready to be sold i wouldnt mind one. like the one above though, no powder coat.

no problem Nate… i just have to pick up the drain plugs and confirm some cost info and then we’re ready to go.

Same here, I’d be interested in grabbing one in the future aswell, hopefully alot of people catch on to this and do the same.

that’s brilliant looking

guys, i’ll be able to ship these as soon as this weekend. i just have to pick up the drain plugs tomorrow.

price is $165 including Shipping, GST and PST.

Which is essentially $130 or so plus plus plus

i picked up the drain plugs so these are ready to go… pm’d a few of you guys already… i have less than a half dozen of these available… first two are already spoken for.

Only have 2 of these left…

these a one time thing or they’ll come around later on?

not sure… they’ve been moving okay thus far but they take a long time for me to get made and dont have a large margin on them… we’ll see.

I do have a couple more that should be ready in a few weeks but they will be custom colours

what colours are u coming out with???/

i dont know… just trying a couple candied powder colours but i dont know how they’ll look with the red cap. we’ll see.

Alrighty… so i got the black resevoirs back today… only 2 like this.

i have one or two more coming that will be a candied red i think.

i really need a better camera… my apologies but its cold outside so i have limited space for these kinds of pics:

and just for fun:

These resevoirs will be $15 more on a account of the powder coating… so $180 shipped including both taxes.

Do you still have any left in black and if not are you expecting any more to be produced?

i would be interested in a black one aswell, any left?

yes… i still have both left… first come first serve.

only one black one left now.

got ne that arent powder coated left?