new c6 z06 pics

complete pics of the car inside and out. there are also some pics of the car up on the lift so we can finally see what the car is hiding underneath. the car looks pretty damn :pimp:, the two tone interior looks pretty cool as well. looks it’ll be a fun toy, too bad they cost so much $$$, but anyway can’t wait to see these beasts around :tup:

I saw the block being built on powerblock this morning. I dont remember much cause i was hung over

hot! but $$$$

Looks hotter in person, saw it at toronto auto show and I was checking it out for like forever drooling

Don’t get me wrong I love vettes, and the new Z06 is hawt shit…but like, shots like these…I don’t like it very much

it looks choppy :gotme:

maybe its just me

and the rims…are uber stupid…i would def be rockin those $6k CF ones… :slight_smile:

The new vetts look so hot with a hard top.

According to Yelocity, he believes all new vettes are targas, just some are painted tops…unless they’re verts

ahh… thats pretty cool.

The new Z06 motor is available for purchase from GMPP if I remember correctly. Wonder what those go for.

I don’t understand why everyone thinks the new Z06 is so expensive. What other new car in it’s class can match its performance levels? Now, compare the price of the two. I think the new Z06 is a performance bargain!

Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe. At this point in the $$ game, I’d pay 10K more fopr the viper, which will pwn the z06.

The viper most definately will not. The Z06 is 300lbs lighter with the same horsepower, better handling and control, is more fuel efficient, has more creature comforts, is cheaper to buy, and is cheaper to maintain and mod. Plus it sounds better.

let’s compare then when they actually come out…

i looks pimp as hell and i would love one, but i still think C5 style > C6

They have been to the track and in bad conditions they were trapping 124mph :slight_smile:

thats pretty fuggin fast outta the box


Alot of wheelgap for the $$$ Shame on you, GM!

I’d take the viper over the Z06 any day, but I"m not buying the car purely for performance.

Just like the C5 Z06, the C6 Z06 is going to look like the 50 million other C6s on the road, which, is meh.

If you were buying a car purely for performance, you wouldn’t be buying the Z06 anyway, you’d buy something built for it.

I just wanted to quote this so I could see the picture twice…Ive made it my background at work for now…

I love the C6s. And dont get me wrong, I like vipers, I just wish you could get it with a big cube hemi instead of that V10. In terms of rarity, yes the viper wil take it, but the vette is still the best deal. Its the best deal of the whole segment though, so it isnt fair to only compare it to viper.

i think their hot, my neighbor across the street traded in his '02 vet to get the c6… he said he wated it because it looks kinda like a viper and thats really what he wanted… i guess if you buy a c6 you can watch your car be built and if you buy a z06 you can watch your motor be built too
i think its a nice lookin car

new c6’s are hott, the new z06 are sick :tup: gm

It will be mine, oh yes…it will…be mine! those are smokin sweet…i want one those and an 07 shelby GT 500 stang.