new energy drink *RETARD STRENGTH*

Thats right folks, I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about this new energy drink called “retard strength” yes that is actualy the name of it.

The least I can say is that I was very intrigued so I did some searching and I found the website it is avalible to order on there site one of the quantities is “short bus” or 4 pack for those not up on their tard-bonics

so check it out

there is one pop up window when you enter the site so allow just that one.


I found this funny as hell so I just thought I would share.

umm. thats special?:bloated:

lol how dumb, short-bus 4 back WTF




you are easily entertained

they offer stock also

While few people will actually claim they are amused by this due to their need to be politically correct, I will have to see I am thoroughly amused with the before and after shots.

nah, it has nothing to do with being PC. i mean it just isn’t funny

im sorry but i laughed soooo hard at this… i even ordered a short bus because i enjoyed it so much

lol, let me know when that comes in

Funny how someone made an Opie and Anthony reference (through picture).

The reason people don’t find things like this funny/are offended by them is because it hit too close to home.

How can you NOT find humor in it?

Is this spam???

I lol’d.

How silly.

i think that website just raped me


i want it so bad!

results may vary.