New guy here

Hey, what’s up everyone. I’m new on this board, but I know some of the guys here. Wanted to say hello, you’ll probably see me out at some meet.

Howide, your name?
What do you drive?
How did you hear of us?
Where U from?

Hey man, nice to see you here, welcome :wave:

As for all that info.
Mike or Doc, depends who you ask.
03 VW GTI 20th AE
Heard about this site from Jeller, Dozer, Xander. You know, all those trouble makers.
Currently residing in the 'burg.

:wave: Let’s see some pics of the 20th hotness.



HMMMM! wonder where u got that from^^^

It’s about time u showed up on here Mike…


Yeah, I’ll get out this week and snap some pics of the ride w/ the new shoes on. Even though 2 of you already have shots of it…

Who me? :gotme:

They didnt turn out for me, needed the tri pod, too blury.

hi doc.